Quantico 3x05  Co-Star ABC
Orange is the New Black  Co-Star Netflix
The Following   Recurring FOX
Pan Am  Recurring ABC
Law & Order: SVU  Co-Star NBC
Blue Bloods  Co-Star CBS
Gossip Girl  Co-Star The WB
Black Box  Co-Star ABC
The Titians of GEFA  Guest Star SAG Pilot
The Bone Detective  Supporting The Discovery Channel


The Spectacular Jihad of Taz Rahim  Lead Ziriyab Films
The Spirit of Mumbai  Supporting Mahasagar Productions
New Year's Eve  Day Player Garry Marshall
Karma Road  Supporting Mihir Pathak
The Game Is On (Khel Shuru)  Starring Differential Films
Don't Worry Be Happy  Supporting Yash Raj Films


Hamlet (staged reading)  Hamlet Town Hall, Elizabeth, NJ
Macbeth  Banquo / Malcolm Abstract Sentiment Theatre
Henry VI   Suffolk HB performance lab
GODS  Hermes/Cupid Next Stage (Hollywood)
Rang: Shades of my soul  Antagonist (ensemble piece) Town Hall Theatre (Broadway)
Til The Day I Die  Carl Performance Lab -NYC

Voice Over

Khel Shuru Title song - Singer  Differential Films
Khel Shuru - movie trailer  Differential Films
Akhbar Palace promo video  Differential Films


Yahoo  Print
The Dudes in the Movie  Supporting Javier Prato
Bharat Matrimony webshoot  Print Studio Karishma

Other 1

Pfizer  Print
IBM  Print
BNY Mellon Bank  Print
Target India  Print
New York Life  Print
VeriSign  Print
Taleo  Print
GE  Print
Ruth Levy Music Video  Lead all area crew
Khel Shuru (the game is on)  art director differential films
Once upon a Blue Moon  story, animation, artwork and design, editor I dream
Nokia  Print 3 Star Productions
Xbox 360  Print NYC
Global Entertainment Fix  host American Desi TV

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