first preview of ABC's PAN AM. check it out!


Dance Competition

a clip from the winning dance performance from Naya Andaz 2006.
(Kal is the male lead).

Dance Performance

Dancing to mixed Bollywood songs!


Article in Desi Match Publication

Kal was able to do some print work and have his original poem published in this Valentine's Day issue of Desi Match newspaper.


A collection of Kal's artwork, enjoy!


A collection of headshots and various pics.


The Internet Movie Database.


The Spectacular Jihad of Taz Rahim

watch the full movie online.
The Spectacular Jihad of Taz Rahim is a 2015 crime drama film directed by Raghav Murali and produced by Zaki Hossain. [ 3 ] The film stars Rahsaan Noor, Monica Dogra, Kal Parekh, and Sorab Wadia in pivotal roles. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] The film is loosely inspired by true stories of the NYPD, FBI, and CIA\'s use of Muslim informants. [ 5 ] The film was produced in English and in Hindi and premiered in the United States 15 April 2015. [ 1 ] [ 6 ]


The Spectacular Trailer

based on true events...


Arya Dance Academy

Operating throughout the USA and UK, Arya International is a charitable dance and entertainment organization, dedicated to teaching South Asian dance techniques, music, singing, and acting to students of all ages.

Ruth Levy

Kal was fortunate to work with the wonderful singer, song writer and teacher on her music video "My Song is Out Now". Check out her website for more info on Ruth and her work.

The Hollywood Podcast

Los Angeles actor/writer, Tim Coyne, goes behind the scenes in the city of dreams.


Ek Ladki Do Chappu

Jamesh and his friend Dalshukabah go on a double date. Both the women end up liking Dalshukabah. An Indian Movie Satire with all the Bollywood fixings, it even has a song and dance number. Check it out!

Karma Road

Karma Road is a non-traditional Film about a modern generation Indian American college student whose life is challenged by the many obstacles she overcomes throughout a course of time. A Philadelphia native, Laxshmi thrives off of the city's underdog attitude to survive all that she encounters including: Rape, Drug Abuse, Prison Life, Street Life, all the while loosing faith in her religion and family values. "Karma Road" is now an Award winning Independent film.

Khel Shuru (the game is on)

The first independent NRI film to be shot totally outdoors in the grim woods of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. A truly international film with casting from India, USA, UK, Italy, France, Russia and Canada. An exceptionally original yet at times a reminiscent version of a tight Tarantino classic accompanied by the simplicity of our own Gulzar.

Recognized by New York International Film Festival and Thunderbird International Film Festival.

Khel Shuru goodies

Video clips of "Khel Shuru" audience reactions, trailers and interviews. check it out!

New Year's Eve

From the director of "Pretty Woman" and "Valentine's Day". Garry Marshall
directs this star studded Holiday film. The lives of several couples and singles in New York intertwine over the course of New Year's Eve.




Screen Actors Guild

Useful information for Union actors and how to become a member.

Writers Guild of America

When you finish a script, you can archive it here to protect your property. They keep in for 5 years and then you can renew it if you choose. Great for authenticating when you finish a script.

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